Nights at Club Nova: An Erotic Romance Anthology

Club Nova caters to anyone with deep pockets; interested in having a good time. What makes people return to us? You can be anyone you want to be! Let your guard down, drop your money, and BE!

There are some rules to follow though:

1. Remember to wear your mask at all times.

2. Sex with strippers is not allowed.

3. No rooms available for sex, get creative.

4. Have a good time.

Here are some reviews by our esteemed clients and graceful staff members.

Multi-Tasking by L. Leigh

Bridled by Timi Waters

The Big O by Erhu Kome

Jabali by V. Adriane

Marvalust by Nicole Marcina

Foggy Wishes by Olamide Agemo

The Lady of the House by Temi Nenye

Whispers Of Pleasure by Mobolaji Olanrewaju

More than I asked for by Rosemary Okafor

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2 thoughts on “Nights at Club Nova: An Erotic Romance Anthology”

  1. Davidson Nkedife says:

    Woww.. What an intriguing sultry book.
    Gonna make you wish club Nova was a real place.

    1. mobolaji says:

      This is true. **chuckles**
      Readers actually came into our dm and asked if Club Nova is real.

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