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Writing is the process of using the letters of the alphabet, space, and punctuation to communicate ideas and thoughts in a readable form.  Writing is a beautiful art that can be entertaining, interesting, and educating.  However, the art of writing is not complete without the process of editing and proofreading.  It is an important part of writing that cannot be taken for granted.

Every manuscript needs to be edited and proofread to improve the readability, clarity, and tone of the text.

Editing corrects the core of the writing such as the sentence structure and language clarity. Proofreading corrects the misspellings, punctuation, and inconsistencies. 

Writers are indeed close to their work. Hence, it is difficult to see the error in their work and this makes it necessary for another eye to look at the content.

Why is Editing so Important?

  • It honed the piece of writing. It eliminates typing errors, but it also polishes the piece of writing and turns it into a masterpiece. As earlier stated, writers are close to their work and they write what they think they had in their head, resulting in dull and soddy jobs. It takes an editing process to eliminate and correct errors, thereby resulting in a quality product.
  • It makes a lasting first impression on Readers. It takes a lot to get readers to read your work and the first impression lasts longer. It will also determine if the reader will come back for more. A thorough editing process results in a message that is clear, and concise.
  • It produces a coherent and clear message. An editing job assists to create a coherent, clear, and concise message that is inviting to the reader. It assists with the effectiveness of your writing style and clarification of your ideas.  
  • It helps to make an Everlasting Value. Once a piece of writing is printed, it can never be changed. Hence, it is important that a piece of writing is thoroughly screened for structural errors and the content is easily readable and understandable to the reader before it is printed. Editing is not meant to change the content of the writing but to improve the flow and logic of the writing.

Why should you use FLS Editing Service?

  1. We are affordable. Our pricing is not over the board and the value of the service we offer outweigh the service fee we charge.
  2. We do not change the voice of the author or writer. Our structural /developmental editing comes in the form of suggestions, with comments and the writer has the right to accept or reject the suggestions.
  3. We support you throughout your writing journey with free advice and consultation if the Author wishes for it.
  4. Most of all, we assist to turn your piece of writing into a timeless one.

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One thought on “FLS Editing Services”

  1. Davidson Nkedife says:

    It’s a blessing that I came in contact with FLS publishing. I can’t ask for better.
    The editor – writer relationship is top notch. The professional guide they render too. And their up to tech process of editing is superb. My book felt like it was born anew when the edits were done.
    Very poignant and neat.
    I’ll recommend FLS editorial over and over to anyone I can.

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