Tanzania Immigration has changed the process of issuing Visas. Passengers arriving at the Kilimanjaro Air port now have to go through the following process to obtain Visa.

  • Queue to obtain a government control number
  • Queue to pay at the bank
  • Queue for immigration to check and issue the visa.

This tiring and cumbersome process usually takes more than two hours.

However , Tanzania Immigration have launched an online portal. It is advised that intending visitors can apply for their Visa Online at least two weeks to their departure date.

You can visit the link below to obtain the e-visa: https://www.tanzaniaevisa.com

City Of Mount Kilimanjaro


I have a friend who travelled with his Laptop ,even while he was on vacation. He checked his work emails at least twice a day and worked while he was supposed to be spending time with his family or simply relaxing.

He was alone in the hotel room when he slumped over his laptop one cold morning while he was on his annual leave. If not for the timely intervention of the hotel staff who came to clean the room, he would have died of cardiac arrest.

The body is not made of wood. 

You are on vacation because you need the time to relax, unwind and recharged so that you can come back ready to take up your responsibility.

If your life ends today, someone else will take up your responsibility within a twinkle of an eye.

No one is indispensable.

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We were on our way home one sunny Saturday when my son decided he wanted Popcorn.I was a bit sceptical because I knew were either popped with Sugar or Salt. I tried to dissuade him but he was persistent and I finally gave inWhat is unique about your business? What made you stand out from the rest of the crowd? Why should people patronise you and not the others? to him. We approached a stand and got a minibag of popcorn. I tasted it before I gave the bag to him. I was surprised. The corn were popped in powdered milk and it had a very pleasant not too sweet taste. Whenever I passed by that bus-stop, I always get a bag or two of the popcorn for us because the taste was different!

It is the same popcorn you can get anywhere but the uniqueness was in the taste. 

Be different!

Is the prices of your products/ service lower than the rest? Or you have the best quality ever known or you deliver the fastest?

It is a competitive world out there. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you venture into. Someone else is already there before you. Someone has a bigger ,shinier business than you and a better model too.

Decide on how you want to stand out, choose what your Unique selling point is going to be  and stick to it.

‘Remember, if you want to stand out, i.e. if you want to “have a unique selling proposition,” your business needs to stand for something because that’s what you’ll become known for. It’s impossible to stand for everything.’- Neil Patel

Stand out from the crowd!

Importance Of Yellow Fever Card To A Nigerian Traveler!

I was in South Africa in July of 2013 on an all-expense paid trip by South Africa Tourism board in the company of other travel agents. Our yellow cards were requested at the immigration point into Johannesburg. To our amazement, a guy among us was eventually deported right from Johannesburg because the Yellow fever vaccine he took was not up to Ten days before he left Nigeria!

The Carte Jaune or Yellow Card is an international certificate of vaccination. It is issued by the World Health Organization. It is recognized internationally and may be required for entry to certain countries where there are increased health risks for travelers. 

Yellow fever is a viral hemorrhagic fever transmitted to humans through the bite of infected mosquitoes. This can become a deadly disease, especially for people who have not been vaccinated.

A single dose of the yellow fever vaccine, however, provides lifelong protection against the disease. The vaccine gives immunity within 30 days and is effective for 99 percent of persons vaccinated. This lifetime validity applies automatically to all existing and new certificates, beginning 10 days after the date of vaccination.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that to travel to countries where there is evidence of persistent or periodic yellow fever virus transmission, people need to be vaccinated and obtain the yellow card.

Also known as the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP), the yellow card is usually requested at immigration points.

Without it, travellers are not allowed into or out of countries prone to yellow fever. Africa falls within the yellow fever endemic zone.

Countries like South Africa and Ethiopia strictly look out for the yellow fever vaccination cards of travelers coming from high-risk countries before allowing them into their countries.

It is advisable to get vaccinated and obtained your yellow card as soon as possible to avoid issues or delay at immigration.