Monday morning was always a nightmare. Even though Andrea had left home earlier than usual, she knew she was going to be late if she didn’t do something fast. The bus stop was unusually crowded today, and she wondered where all the passengers came from. She glanced at her wristwatch once again and hissed with frustration. Her manager would have her head again today. He had been complaining about her Monday morning lateness and she really couldn’t stomach any more insult from the nasty man.

She moved away from the crowd and placed herself strategically for the next cab. It glided to a stop in front of her. It was a sienna bus. She moved forward rapidly and peeped in as the door glide open.

“Are you going to the Island?” She peeped into the interior of the car. Her instinct screamed at her to step back but she didn’t know when the next Car will come and couldn’t afford to wait any longer.

“Yes please.” The driver responded impatiently.

She put her foot on the ledge and hoisted herself into the spacious Cab. No one came behind her. Something was wrong. She made to turn round and bolt from the Car, but the door had slide shut and the driver had taken off.

“I want to come back. I just remember I forgot my wallet at home.” Her voice trembled slightly.

“Go and sit down.” A man pushed her until she was wedged between two men in the back seat. There were 4 other passengers in the car, and they were all men.

“Let me go.” She didn’t bother to hide her fear as she struggled to her feet.

“Shut up, woman.” Something came down at the back of her head and she blanked out.


It was pitch dark when she opened her eyes and she noticed they were no longer in a moving vehicle. The floor was cold beneath her body and her right side was completely numbed. That was when she realised she was stark naked.

Panic rose in her throat and she swallowed a hard lump. She had been kidnapped! The realisation dawned on her like a bucket of frozen water. Someone put on a flashlight and a thin beam of light passed over her body.

Her inner demon rumbled and growled and threatened to come out, but she beat it down abruptly.

“Is she awake?” A voice penetrated her terror-filled mind.

“I think so. She moved moments ago.”

“Can we have fun with her before chief arrives?”

There was a pregnant silence. Her demon pushed against the restraint and she whimpered as she struggled to contain it.

“I don’t want to kill anyone.” Her mind screamed in agony.

“If you don’t kill, they will kill you.” Her demon snarled back. “Let me out now.”

“Oh No.” Her mind protested.

Someone grabbed her legs and separated them. Another grabbed her arms and held her in place. There was rustling of clothes as someone shed their clothes. She could smell the lust and excitement in the air.

She opened her mouth to scream but a snarl came out instead. Her demon broke free. Her fangs came out and elongated. Her finger and toenails grew longer and curved into claws. Her pupils rounded and turned blood red. Her slim body morphed and grew bigger. Her pores in her skin poked out, dried up and turned into scales. Her growl shook the foundation of the building and filled her assailants with terror.

“What the hell is going on here?” The chief pitched his voice above the unholy sound as he threw the door opened, closely followed by his herbalist.

“Chief, run. She is a monster.” One of her kidnappers ran towards the door.

But it was too late. Her demon went on a rampage and tore into its preys. Screams rang out as body part flew everywhere. Blood gushed out and it drank thirstily. It munched on skin and crunched on bones as it went from room to room.

By the time, she came back to herself, it was a complete carnage. She crumbled to her knees, shuddering with disgust and self-loathing. She had killed. Again.


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