Richard Damien was tall and good-looking man. In his mid-forties, he was married with three kids, and a smiling picture of his family stood proudly on a corner of his expansive table. They’d worked together for more than two years and she admired him a lot for his intelligence and quick wit.  Today however, his face wasn’t showing any trace of mirth and she knew why. 

‘Sir, you called?’ Her voice came out shaky. 

‘Yes I did,’ he flung back. ‘Have your seat.’ 

She quickly complied, dropping into the seat opposite him while he continued working on his laptop. Despite the air-conditioner going at full blast, her apprehension caused sweat to dribble down the middle of her back, making her white silk blouse cling. 

Suddenly he snapped the laptop shut and turned to face her. 

‘You are a disappointment, Lizzy,’ he shot at her, and she winced at the venom in his voice. 

He’d returned to the office unexpectedly in the evening of the day before and had caught her and Tony in a naked tryst in her office. It was the most embarrassing moment of her life, made more complicated because he hadn’t said a word. He just looked from one guilt-stricken face to the other and walked out, slamming the door. 

She dropped her gaze in shame. 

‘I’m sorry sir.’ 

‘Sorry?’ he thundered. ‘Sorry doesn’t cut it. What in the world were you doing with that boy? He’s barely out of kindergarten for crying out loud!’ 

‘It was a mistake sir, and I swear it will never happen again.’ 

His response was a harsh laugh. 

‘I’m not quite sure it won’t, judging by the look of rapture on your face last night. You enjoyed it, didn’t you?’ 

She remained silent as she stared down at her feet. 

‘Of course, you did. He must have been good because you were moaning so loudly. That was what attracted me to your office.’ 

Still she said nothing. 

‘Come, I want you to see something.’ 

He’d opened his laptop again and she stood up and walked over to his side, her legs heavier than an elephant’s. A black and white video was playing on the screen and she gasped in horror when she realized she was looking at the clip of her and Tony from the previous evening. 

She dropped to her knees beside him as tears filled her eyes. 

‘Please, sir. Don’t ruin me like this. I promise you it won’t happen again. Never. I swear on my father’s grave, please, I beg you.’ 

‘Stand up and have your seat.’ he ordered. She obeyed. 

‘I specifically requested for this CCTV footage from IT. We both know what happens if it gets to HR, don’t we?’ 

His gaze met hers and she nodded slowly. Her mind went numb at the prospect of a sack, especially as she was due for promotion in another few months. 

God, what have I done? she wailed inside. What kind of devil possessed me? 

‘Don’t look so sad,’ he growled, getting off his seat to come and stand beside hers. ‘It’s not the end of the world you know?’ 

She stiffened when he bent and spoke directly in her left ear, his breath warm against her neck. 

‘You are a beautiful woman Lizzy. I’m sure every man in this company would love to see you in the nude.’ 

Her heart started to hammer against her ribcage. 

‘Remove your blouse.’ 

At first ,she thought she’d heard him wrong. 

‘You heard me, Elizabeth,’ he growled again, louder this time. 

It was with the greatest reluctance that she pulled her blouse from the waistband of her skirt and dragged it over her head. He inhaled sharply as her heavy boobs comfortably ensconced in a baby pink half bra bobbed into view. 

‘You are beautifully endowed.’ he breathed as he reached out and cupped her boobs one after the other in his palm. She flinched at his touch and he noticed. 

Laughing at her discomfiture, he gently pulled down both cups of her bra and gazed at her with wondrous eyes as her exposed nipples tightened in the cold air. 

‘Damn!’ he muttered, before burying his head between her breasts even as he pinched her nipples. When an involuntary moan escaped her lips, he lifted his head and looked into her eyes with a small knowing smile. 

‘Your nipples are your weak points, right? I wonder where the others are.’ 

His cold hands kept massaging her flesh, making her nipples harden more and stoking her fires so much that she closed her eyes and bit hard on her lips to keep from moaning aloud. Her thighs locked on their own volition. 

Abruptly, he moved away, and the clink of metal after a moment of silence made her open her eyes. He was unbuckling his belt and it was obvious what was on his mind. 

‘Sir, this is the middle of a workday. We’re in your office, somebody could…?’ 

She was going to tell him somebody could come in when his trousers dropped to the floor and the sight of his fat dick stopped her mid-sentence, her pussy clenching violently at the size of his equipment. 

He saw the hungry light in her eyes as he came over and pulled her up from the seat before pushing her to lie back on his desk. Her skirt had meanwhile ridden halfway up her thighs and it took just a few seconds for him to drag it up to her waist. 

Lizzy shivered involuntarily as he stood between her parted legs and lifted her pink lace panties, staring hungrily at her clean shaved pussy. She could feel herself start to moisten under the intensity of his gaze. 

Swearing under his breath, he yanked the pink material off and grinned wickedly at her. 

‘You are mine, little slut,’ he muttered savagely, ‘and I’m going to wipe that toddler off your brain for good.’ With that he moved closer and rammed into her wetness without warning. 

She came instantly. 

The orgasm was so intense that had it not been for the man pinning her to the table she would have flown off it. His dick filled her up so much and touched every part of her core as he moved that she came two more times while he repeatedly ripped into her. He finally came himself after a few more minutes rapid thrusting. 

After the euphoria of heady sex, Elizabeth came back to reality totally ashamed at her own body’s betrayal. She’d been virtually raped and yet she’d enjoyed every moment of it. He rolled off her and got up and she was about to follow suit when a knock on the door stopped her. 

‘Mr. Damien, your wife is here to see you.’ 

It was his secretary. 

‘Okay’ he called out,’ keep her in your office. I have a few things to tidy up in here and will be done in a few minutes.’ Then he lowered his voice to a whisper directed at her. 

‘Dress up slut, you heard her. My wife is here, but ‘I’ll be seeing you again soon.’ 

Lizzy watched as he sauntered in the direction of his bathroom with a smirk on his face, clutching at her ruined panties and wondering what she’d gotten herself into.   

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