‘Have I offended you in any way? It’s beginning to look as if you can’t stand being in the same room with me.’

He’d blocked her path as she tried to leave the small room they used as a canteen.

‘Are you stalking me?’ she hissed, glaring at him, her left hand resting firmly on her hips.

‘You didn’t answer my question, Lizzy.’

His questioning eyes held hers as he leaned against the open door, legs crossed at the ankles.

‘No, not at all, and where I happen to be at any time has nothing to do with you or anyone else, trust me. Now, will you please get out of my way? I have work waiting.’

His eyes stayed in place for a couple of seconds more before his face softened into a smile.

‘Okay. You were enjoying your meal, but now you’re flying off just because I came in here for a cup of coffee when I can see you haven’t finished. Fine,’ he said. ‘Now we’re clear. I’m sorry to bother you.’

He stood aside as she bombed out of the enclosure, knowing his eyes were definitely fixed on her back.

Tony was the newest member of the team. Tall, smooth and handsome, he was a sharp dresser too, a delight to the eyes, and definitely a package she wouldn’t have minded unwrapping herself but for one thing. He was younger.

She’d never dated a younger guy and wasn’t about to start, yet she couldn’t help admiring his particularly cute ass. He was intelligent and had a killer voice, a unique combination of qualities which made her drool, but still, she just couldn’t allow herself go like that. No!

Matters had come to a head last week when she’d barged in on him in the male restroom. The female side had been occupied and she’d been so pressed that it was either she entered the male side or pee in her pants. The door was not locked so she‘d assumed it was empty and rushed in. The memory of his sparkling white briefs and the bulge it housed as he turned to see who the intruder was still made her cheeks burn as she stared unseeingly at the computer in front of her.

He hadn’t even been fazed by her presence as he lazily zipped up his trousers. She, on the other hand, had wanted to die from the embarrassment as she stammered an apology and quickly backtracked with as much dignity as she could muster. 

Maybe it was her being overly sensitive, but after that incident, a kind of tension seemed to have sprung up between them as if they shared a secret. She’d decided to avoid being alone with him, although an impish part of her wished she’d seen more of his junk.

‘Do I make you nervous?’

She almost jumped out of her skin. His voice had cut into her daydream like a scythe and startled her.


‘I’m sorry, Lizzy,’ he apologized softly. ‘I didn’t mean to startle you. I was just wondering if you find me threatening in any way. I still think you’re avoiding me on purpose.’

He must have walked into her office while she was daydreaming. The intensity of his gaze made her heart beat faster, and the pitch of his voice…

She needed to do something fast.


‘What makes you think you make me nervous?’ she threw back at him. The look she had intended was one of disdain, but she found herself checking him out from head to toe, although she didn’t realize her error until he spoke again.

‘Like what you see then?’ he teased, smiling again. She looked away instantly

‘Will you stop behaving like a horny teenager Elizabeth?’ she berated herself mentally.

‘No I don’t,’ she said aloud, packing the statement with as much condescension as she could manage. ‘I’ve never been attracted to boys since I grew into a woman.’

She didn’t wait to see how he took the blow. Grabbing her bag, she opened it, rummaged inside until she found her makeup kit which she snatched up. Pushing her chair backward, she jumped up and resolutely marched past him towards the ladies whilst making sure that her eyes were fixed elsewhere.


It was Thursday evening. Lizzy had a presentation to deliver by 8 a.m. the next day, so she decided to wait behind after everyone left to complete her slides. She’d been working in the cold silence for more than an hour and her eyes were a little heavy.

She needed a break.

Removing her jacket, she draped it over the back of her seat, leaned it back, closed her eyes and allowed her mind to take flight. In seconds she was on a beach with Tony and both of them frolicking in the warmth of the sun-bleached sand.

‘Hi, Liz.’

Her eyes flew open as she zoomed back to reality.

The object of her imagination stood there holding her door open, watching her with hooded eyes. She knew her blouse had at least two more buttons than appropriate undone and she could imagine what her voluptuous chest looked like in the position she was in without glancing downwards. His eyes followed her thoughts, stayed for a few seconds, and then returned to her face. There was a new light in them when they did.

 ‘Hi Tony,’ she managed to mumble. ‘What are you doing here?’ she asked. Her words sounded thick and rushed.

‘I was reading for my CFA exams. I was on my way out when I saw the light beneath your door. I came in to switch it off. If I’d known you were in here sleeping…”

‘No it’s okay,’ she cut in. ‘I had a bit of work to do myself….and I wasn’t sleeping.’

The last part was an afterthought. When she was done, the room fell silent again, but the tension was audible.

‘I don’t fuck younger men,’ she suddenly blurted.

He seemed to rock on his heels, she noted with satisfaction.

‘Woah!’ Where did that come from? Who asked?’

‘No one,’ she said quietly, sitting up. ‘It’s just a caveat, in case you have other ideas.’

He smiled and entered the office then shut the door behind him.

‘Oh yeah?’ he responded, cocking his left eyebrow. ‘They say there’s an exception to every rule. Maybe all you need is a trial to convince you.’

It was at that moment that the devil took over her mouth.

‘Really?’ she bantered. ‘You think you got game? Okay, bambino, let’s see what you got.’

Moving as if he’d been anticipating the invitation, he covered the distance between them in a flash. Before she could recant her challenge he was all over her, loosening the rest of her buttons, freeing her boobs from their lace cups and devouring them.

Her breathing gradually became shallower as his supple fingers and tongue thoroughly worked on her boobs, caressing and licking her nipples in turns. She felt liquid fire flowing all the way from their dark turgid tips straight to the core of her womanhood.

‘Oh God,’ she moaned as her pleasure mounted. 

Encouraged, he ran a hand up her leg and underneath her skirt, trailing his feather like fingers across her thigh until he got to her panties. Gently and without any break in his stride he pushed the flimsy material aside and slowly pushed into her pulsing pussy.

‘Yes yes,’ she moaned as she parted her thighs further, allowing him full access to her now wet honey pot. He grazed her nipple with his teeth and doubled his digits inside her secret place, making her body jerk involuntarily.

‘You are so sweet, mami.’ He murmured even as his fingers went in deeper.

‘Get up,’ he breathed a few minutes later. She obeyed without a word, even as her legs threatened to fold beneath her.

With the back of his left hand, he swept the files on her large desk to one side and hoisted her up unto it.

‘Oh boy,’ she laughed shakily, ‘you sure mean business, don’t you?’

His response was to totally slide off her panties, and she shivered a little as he stared down with hunger at her clean shaven pussy.

‘You are beautiful.’

He said it with so much reverence as he rubbed his palm over her mound that she lifted her hips to his touch. His fingers skillfully caressed her swollen lips for a while, teasing and parting them at will to get at her throbbing clitoris before he finally replaced them with his tongue.

She wanted to scream.

Her back arched and her nerves flooded with sensation as he probed, licked and lapped at her pussy, building in intensity until the inevitable orgasm hit her like a tsunami. She rode the waves for what seemed like an eternity before she went limp, and her breathing gradually returned to normal.


He had a smug smile when she finally forced her eyes open.

She sat up slowly, her gaze fixed on the bulge straining against his zipper. Maybe it was time to make an exception. She was about to reach for him when the door opened abruptly and her boss walked in.

©Mobolaji Olanrewaju

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